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rain on my parade

I started this journal looking for people to exchange long, handwritten letters. That ambition has since been shot down for lack of time and concentration. I cannot complete any letter in one sitting, and I have finally accepted that fact and moved on with my life. Instead, I plan now to use this journal to write blogs requiring any extensive length, which I won’t do in my main journal simply because there I have a diverse audience to appease. I generally don’t read the long ones myself because they usually aren’t even interesting, but I can assume that anyone who has followed me here on his own accord may be open to more, and this is where he will receive. This is also the ideal opportunity for the reader to scroll to the next friends entry if not entirely in the mood for lengthy soliloquies today. See how that works!

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This journal served its purpose with one entry two years ago. However, that purpose is no longer valid. Now, I will have it to spill over any entry-worthy stuff that I don’t want overflowing in any of my other journals, because I never want to give anyone too much to read at one time or place. See how that works?

So, if you are here reading this, then you’re saying that you definitely want to be here reading this.
That is enough said.
I’m going to bed.
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sitting, sodium and medicine balls

Once again health theory rings untrue by the science providing it, and I know by now that reading up on the latest health suggestions is really a moot point.

First I read a blurb, in the newspaper I think, that sitting is bad for you. That is, any and all sitting. The headline read something like: 20 minutes of exercise negated by 2 hours of sitting. But this week's TIME magazine has a two-page spread, that basically says humans must stand at all times, because that's what they were evolved to do, and that any amount of exercise within the day will not negate the negative effects of sitting. I thought that exercise had to be accompanied by rest; not all exercises are done standing up.

Then someone writes into the newspaper's health column saying that her doctor diagnosed her sodium intake of the daily recommendation of 1,500mg as too low. The reply was that 3,000 to 6,000 is more appropriate. I guess that's for everyone now.

Same paper: Double mastectomies have no effect on prolonging life expectancy in potential cancer patients, and therefore shouldn't be performed as elective surgery because of the consequent rise in health care costs.

And the bouncy ball I finally broke down to buy after all the heralded promotion of its wonderful effects on posture and focus were exasperated: now listed as being more dangerous than using a normal chair. But this conclusion was based on the misuse by office workers who didn't properly get off the ball when reaching for something and clumsily falling. Yeah, if you're going to sit on the same thing all day, you're gonna learn to slouch on it, too.

I myself am too fidgety to sit still for even a short period of time, but I am on my feet quite often, and can't continue standing just to relax.

Yet, these latest conclusions only give reason to the masses who never want to get off their butts anyway (and get a job).
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